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Accounting/bookkeeping tasks are something that every business, no matter what size, must address in order to allow for the best business decisions to be made.  Creating invoices, writing checks for goods and services, paying employees are all examples of daily tasks that must be done to allow for a business to operate.  The timeliness, accuracy and analysis of all the above provides the foundation for the operational success of a business.

The cornerstone to this foundation for every strong business is Accounting Management and sound accounting protocols.   These protocols allow for the proper balance between the driving forces of business:  Operations, Marketing and Finance. The goal of Accounting Management is to provide a set of tools that allow for the collection of data from daily operations in an efficient and accurate matter.  Combining and presenting the data in ways that allow for clear understanding of the Company’s financial position is at the core of our service offerings.

While the needs of every client are different and customizable, our services include:

Contract CFO / Controller

  • Monthly or Quarterly Review of Records
    • Financial Statement Creation or Review
    • Board of Directors/Investor Interface
  • Staff Development
  • Planning
    • Analytics
    • Projections (Growth Modeling)
  • Creation/Implementation of Management Tools
    • Cash flow
    • Inventory Control
  • Year-End Reporting Compliances
    • Payroll
    • Sub-Contractors
    • Tax Prep
  • Review/Audit Preparation

Project Accounting

  • Analytical Work
  • Involves Analysis and Possible Interpretations
    • COG Analysis
    • Freight Analysis
    • Modeling
      • Growth Potential
      • Investment
    • Defined Starting Point and Ending Point
      • Defined Measurable(s)
      • Possible Follow-up

Personal and Organizational Management

  • On-site or Off-Site Services
    • One-on-One or Group Formats
  • Record-keeping Reviews/Restructuring
    • System Design, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Staff Evaluations/Training
    • Helps to control turnover
    • Creates Growth Environment
    • Allows for Business and Individual Success
  • Business and Tax Planning Strategy Sessions
  • Review, Compilation or Audit Planning and Preparation


  • On site or Off Site Services
    • Specializing in QuickBooks and Peachtree
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Services
    • Data Entry or Invoices, Checks, etc.
      • Payroll Generation and Review
    • Bank Statement Reconciliations
    • Cash flow Reporting

Tax Preparation

  • Personal Tax
    • 1040’s
    •  Schedule C
    • State Taxes  - Multiple State Capability
  • Business Taxes
    • 1120 for S or C Corporations
    • 1065 for Partnerships
    •   990 for Non-Profit Entitie
Contract CFO
Project Accounting
Tax Preparation