Our Clients

The clients listed below are a sampling of the companies that we are proud to have employed our services in the recent past:


Putney Pasta has been making delicious pasta products since 1983.  Now distributed by The Natural Pasta Company LLC in Brattleboro VT, Angie Murphy has served as the Contract CFO for the company since May of 2008.  Oversight of daily accounting functions, providing timely accurate reporting and analytics to the Company President are among the  services provided on a contract basis.


Sustainable Sourcing offers ethically sourced, artisan harvested natural products from the world’s most remote, pristine lands.  Angie has recently joined the team as the Contract CFO helping to define and refine all accounting functions – from daily data entry to providing expensive reporting to Management and stakeholders as well as modeling longer term growth projections.


ForesTrade is a leading international supplier of organic and sustainably produced tropical spices, vanilla, essential oils, and Fair Trade coffee.   From 2004 – 2007 Angie was employed by ForesTrade as Controller, Chief Financial Officer and then Co-CEO/Operations and Finance.  Through 2007 she provided consulting services to the organization in the areas of operations and finance focusing mainly on the complex bill of materials and inventory management functions.


Vermont Mystic Pie combines fresh ingredients from Vermont in a delicious frozen dessert that is distributed in natural foods and grocery channels nationally.  Since May of 2006 Angie has served as Vermont Mystic Pie's Controller on a contract basis.  Responsibilities included timely and accurate financial reporting and extensive growth modeling as the company sought external financing.  


Rustic Crust makes a variety of ready-made pizza crusts and frozen flatbread pizzas with all-natural ingredients and Old World taste.  During 2008 Angie worked with the Management Team on a contractual consulting basis to review the inventory controls and costing models used to determine COGS.