There's a big difference between getting something done and getting it done right. At AJM Business Services our core operating principles-integrity, balance, and success-ensure the successful fulfillment of your accounting needs. Located in Brattleboro, Vermont, we have more than two decades of experience working with business and private clients in New England.

All businesses regardless of size must accurately and reliably accomplish accounting/bookkeeping procedures if they wish to prosper. Invoices must be created, checks written for goods and services, employees paid, and the proper taxes paid or withheld at the proper time to ensure successful business operation. Analysis of the data so generated additionally enables business to make meaningful short- and long-terms plans even in a rapidly changing economy.

Sound accounting protocols promote the balance between the primary driving forces of a successful business: operations, marketing, and finance. Services offered by AJM Business Services that will help your business achieve this dynamic balance are described in detail on our "Services" page.

Some individuals find personal bookkeeping, paying taxes, financial planning and other financial activities confusing at best and highly stressful at worst. AJM Business Services offers services to relieve those burdens as well, further promoting our core values. Learn more on the "About Us" page.


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